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Plein Les Mirettes, when your ideas come to life ...

PLM is an independant trademark having rapidly seduced many opticians. But how did we succeed in being adopted by retailers ?

Let me tell you a story ...

Our company is made of friends, it's a family whose members have chosen themselves !

In September 2011, after we had shared our experiences, we came to the conclusion that we had to create PLM as the answer to our common desires.

Our different careers in the sector of optics - distribution, retailing and design -, our converging views on the economy of this industry, between fashion and public health, finally drove us to the following statement:

  • We had to create a trademark, products and universes fitting with the expectations and needs of opticians and their customers.
  • We had to help opticians retaining a somehow inconstant clientele by offering them a powerful, coherent and diversified range of products.
  • We had to develop the French know-how
  • We had to fit with the budget of customers while proposing an original, French hand-made product realised by a designer.
  • We had to give retailers the possibility to develop a "designer place", thanks to a thoughtful setting of prices, without implantation quotas.
  • We had to create a collection answering the needs and wishes of the largest number of customers, thus allowing a better inventory turnover.

We then had to imagine, draw and design timeless and modern models, where creation, knwo-how, passion, inheritance and future would blend together; we had to imagine models capable of going through the whims of fashion, capable of marrying the opposite...

Our collection had to come in a variety of forms in order to make each and every woman find herself in her PLM glasses. Our models, from the more audacious to the more glamorous ones, from the more retro-styled to the more modern ones, from the more classical to the more original ones, had to make their owners unique, or different, or fashionable. To put it more simply, they had to allow their owners to find their glasses.

We were then in 2012 ...

We had to find a manufacturer capable of respecting our specifications in every way. When PLM met the SOLF, our creations finally came to life and obeyed our requirements: quality, know-how and reactivity. We thank the SOLF, the inevitable "industrial craftsman" of the French optics, for the perfect reception they gave us. (Download SOLF's presentation leaflet).

Once our prototypes created and our first PLMs put in production, the worlds of our collections had to be illustrated and our website had to be built. Many thanks to Lili, Daniel, Laura, Marylène, Sarahne, Gigi, Emilie, Marc and Jeanne of course...

We thus had to invent the perfect way to sell our products, true to our projects and our philosophy, a sales force looking like us ! On no account this task had to be given to a distributor, we had to avoid the failings of big companies and the faults of small businesses.

So we chose, and we are now intending to build for our customers a local service.

We want simple, customized and special exchanges.
We will get acquainted with your desires, your tastes, your store, your habits and your customers. To be close to you and to streamline the procedures, we avoided impersonal platforms; just address your own representative to deal with your orders, your requests and after-sales services. We see commercial exchanges as long-term and built ones. That's why our website is not a selling place, but a place dedicated to discoveries, talks and strolls ...

By the end of 2012, PLM was born !

What about the follow-up of the story ? I let you find it, live it and invent it with us.
If your will to live optics matches our philosophy, or if you like our products, please contact a member of our family and be welcome.


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